Scandals are all around us – financial, investment, ethical and environmental.  Some are caused by lone individual actions but most are the result of organisations working contrary to the expectations of stakeholders.  Is the answer more regulation, more rules and more boxes to tick?

The rules and standards are in themselves, necessary – but not sufficient.  Unless the culture of the organisation upholds the ethical standards then compliance will be challenging.  Enforcing conformance alone won’t cover all the exceptions and different situations that our employees have to face.

This edition of The OE journal goes beyond rules and standards; it is about how those rules and standards are upheld out of belief, and a set of behaviours, above and beyond conformance.  It is about how we achieve mindful understanding of regulation that upholds ethical standards when the rules and algorithms run out.

Mark Goodridge sets out the case for organisation integrity and why this needs to be on every leader’s agenda.  Gary Ashton establishes how we measure the gap between management intention and reality.  Pay and performance is a rich field for ‘gaming the rules’ – often with unintended consequences for the individual and Chris Legge illustrates in his article how organisations play the system.  Finally, Paolo Moscuzza and Toni Marshall set out some of the ways in which coaching and assessment can close the gap and build assurance that what we promise in our ethics policies is truly delivered on the ground.

We hope you find this edition useful and as ever, we welcome your feedback.


Martyn Sakol