Mundipharma has created a small unit of highly specialised people who are leading the organisation’s understanding and application of ‘health economics’ and new ways of ensuring their commercial viability. The leader of the unit was keen to understand how well it was doing on its journey to making a significant impact to business success.

To ensure language, scope and content were relevant; OE Cam designed a bespoke questionnaire and interview process by working closely with the unit’s leader. A group of functional stakeholders was identified and they, along with the unit members, participated in the review.

Results were analysed and indicated a number of critical conclusions, from the high regard with which the unit is seen currently, to a wealth of information indicating the hunger and interest stimulated by their work to date. This in turn triggered a large number of suggested additions and improvements the unit might consider to increase their impact on the business. The information provided input to strategic and budget decisions, as well as inform the current priorities for action within the unit.