The final event in our series of webinars on what’s working (and what is not) in innovation in Europe will focus on culture and transformation.

Based on experiences gathered in our research, culture offers a fascinating paradox; it is often cited as a barrier to innovation, yet it holds the key to opening the way forward…

“On the one hand people cling to it and resist change, but on the other hand, culture is, in its genesis about adapting successfully to the environment”.

Our report highlights five common themes across successful innovation programmes:

  1. Innovation cannot be ordained – cultural change towards more innovation requires concrete and honest interventions by top management.  Just paying lip-service is not sufficient to bring about change, nor is it convincing to employees.
  2. Innovation requires visibility – dedicated physical (or virtual) spaces and communication networks will encourage innovation and act as enablers in instilling a culture of innovation.
  3. Innovation change starts with top-down impulse – often cultural innovation change will only come about when initially ignited by top management, who continue to have a critical influence on subsequent cultural redesign.
  4. Innovation belongs to everyone – a successful innovation culture change process is often based on getting teams involved in the definition of the new culture.
  5. Innovation needs a holistic approach – innovation should touch all functions, processes and teams throughout the company.

This free, 30 minute webinar will expand upon these factors in more detail through case studies, expert insight and practical tips.

To register your place for 11am GMT, Friday 20th January 2017, please click below:


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To download the Executive Summary of our research report “Human DNA in Innovation“, please click here.  To see a recording of the first webinar, please click here.

All webinar attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the full report.