Human DNA in Innovation: European Research

Real breakthrough innovation occurs when leaders let go of their natural tendency towards order and control and accept more of an unstructured way of doing things.  However ‘chaos management’ doesn’t sit well with many established corporates… It is far easier for leaders to stick with what’s proven, to avoid taking risk and kill off new ideas that upset the status quo.

To reimagine totally new ways of doing business, organisations need to get more comfortable with tension and ambiguity – as governance and control systems can squeeze out creative juices and sap entrepreneurial spirit.

In conjunction with SPACE Consulting*, OE Cam has completed pan-european research to explore the critical human factors in the innovation process and understand the implications for leaders, teams and culture.  Can you modify organisational ‘DNA’ to become more innovative?

We discovered that one way in which organisations are driving forward innovation is to introduce ‘Innovation Architects’. Innovation Architects unlock cognitive blockages, they combine creative and analytical methods, see the bigger picture and empower intrapreneurs. Based on our research, we believe they play a vital role in removing some of the internal barriers to innovation.

To learn more about Innovation Architects and discover the practical ways in which organisations are successfully delivering innovation, please download the research Executive Summary or watch our series of webinars:

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* SPACE Consulting Europe is a strategic alliance of leading European management consulting firms.  We help organisations work more effectively to deliver their strategy by improving their behavioural, cultural, structural and economic dimensions.  SPACE operates in seven offices across Europe, with more than 200 consultants, for both public and private organisations.

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