Paolo Moscuzza talks to HR Zone about ‘utilising disruptive talent to expand the possible’…


Those with brilliant minds often act differently to their peers.  They challenge the status quo and can spot commercial opportunities that no-one else sees. They can’t tolerate inefficiencies so find new or more effective ways of conducting business. The benefits to organisations are tremendous, with operations streamlined and new routes to market opened.

Yet equally familiar are the stories of how difficult such personalities are. Those same qualities that give some of these innovators the ability to ‘think outside the box’, also make them challenging to work with. They are mavericks, independents and perceived as being stubborn or even temperamental. Therefore, organisations seeking to harness such ability, must be careful that they have recruited ‘disruptive talent’, not just those who are plain disruptive.

“If you want to preserve the status quo, avoid ‘disruptive talent’ because they will not fit and will disrupt unnecessarily. But if you need to think, change and strive for something that may appear close to unachievable, then carefully selected and well-supported ‘disruptive talent’ may be a powerful catalyst to achieving success”.

This is an excerpt from an article published by HR Zone on 9 November 2015.  To read the full article, please visit

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