Organisation Development

In our Organisation Development practice we work with people in organisations to focus and galvanise their effort to address short, medium or long term business needs and opportunities.  We bring our tools, knowledge, insight and expertise to diagnose and analyse, challenge and advise, build understanding and capability – from strategy to people management and reward.

  • Diagnostic & challenge – we work with you at organisation, team and individual levels to diagnose key pressure points and opportunities to get organisations ‘fittest soonest’.  We may challenge sacred cows and long-standing approaches, query how roles and responsibilities are allocated or how well diverse talents are utilised.   We gain your agreement to the findings and implications.
  • OD plan & coherence check – we identify how to best use resources to match your aspirations and goals; how to best direct, lead and manage their performance.  The outcome is a clear, jointly developed plan of action to resolve the issues and deliver your strategy.
  • Implementation & review – we enable and align people by combining the facts with our expertise in behaviour to stimulate real understanding as the springboard for measurable change in individuals, teams and ultimately the whole organisation.

For more information on our Organisation Development services, please contact Ann Gammie on +44 (0)1223 269009 or email