Organisation Effectiveness Cambridge (OE Cam LLP) is a boutique firm of consultants who help maximise the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations.

We believe that organisational effectiveness can only be improved through tackling the ‘hard’ with the ‘soft’.  We view your organisation from multiple perspectives – the behavioural, the structural, the cultural and the economic so that we get to the essence of your challenge and deliver bespoke, feasible and creative solutions.  To learn more about our approach, watch this video.

Our services are clustered into five areas of expertise:

  • Organisation Development
  • Executive Assessment
  • Leadership Development
  • Organisation Design
  • Board Development

Our approach is unique.  Our expertise in business psychology means that we understand how people work – how to deal with the complex emotional stuff.  Our experience in organisational change means that we understand how organisations behave too.  And the fact that we have been delivering projects for diverse clients for over 30 years means that we know what works and what doesn’t, for each of them.

Our clients tell us that our tools and techniques create immediate impact and the energy with which we deliver programmes is infectious.  We use drama, role-play and simulations to really engage people and create memorable learning experiences.

We are a boutique consultancy, which means that your experience with us will be a personal one.  We will invest the effort to get to know you and your organisation to work with you to jointly deliver the outcome you are seeking.