OE Cam is a boutique firm of business psychologists & consultants who maximise the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations.
Delivering Organisation Effectiveness, we create tomorrow’s connected organisations

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Delivering Organisation Effectiveness

Resilience & Innovation

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Resilience and innovation underpin an organisation’s ability to thrive and succeed in a changing world.
What factors influence resilience at individual and team level?  What are the 3 critical leadership behaviours to enhance innovation in teams?

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Thriving Resilient & Innovative Organisations

OE Cam is a finalist for the ABP Awards

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ABP Award Finalist

Power & Influence
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In today’s more agile organisations, people have the opportunity to make a difference without necessarily having the formal power of position. ‘Influence’ has become more important than ‘authority’...

Power & Influence
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OE Cam Research: Human DNA in Innovation
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Can you modify organisational DNA to become more innovative? 
New OE Cam research reveals the critical human factors in innovation & explores the implications for leaders, teams & culture.

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Human DNA in Innovation

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It's About the Customer

BBC Interview
BBC Interviews Martyn Sakol about Disruptive Talent
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BBC Interview
Interview with Martyn Sakol about Disruptive Talent

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