OE Cam is a firm of business psychologists and organisation consultants. We maximise the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations.

Organisation effectiveness is about building the capability of a business to deliver its strategy. It’s about improving the performance of an organisation through developing its people; supported by the right structures, processes and culture to enable the right talent to flourish. Effective organisations build a shared sense of purpose and are able to connect the vision with individual behaviours to make it a reality.

We view businesses from multiple perspectives to build more ‘connected’ organisations.

Organisation Development

Our Organisation Development practice includes five core services: Board Effectiveness; Organisation Design; Change Management; Culture Change and Performance Management.

Board Effectiveness

We go beyond the formal requirements of corporate governance and legislation by applying psychological insight to enhance board behaviour and relationship dynamics.

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Organisation Design

We create organisations that are aligned, accountable and agile. We help them find the ‘sweet spot’ – where the design of the organisation connects with its employees and unleashes business performance.

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Culture Change

We help you to shift organisational culture to become more innovative, customer centric and performance oriented. A culture that empowers teams to behave in an agile way; to take risks and continuously learn in order to collectively move the business forwards.

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Change Management

We believe that everyone in the organisation has a role to play in designing and delivering successful change. As business psychologists we bring a deep understanding of the implications of change on engagement, decision-making, power structures, governance and teams.

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Performance Management

Our approach to performance management ensures an alignment of employee behaviours and capabilities to the fundamental business needs with a focus on effective feedback cultures; onboarding and proactive performance appraisal systems.

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Talent Management

Our Talent Management practice includes five core services: Executive Assessment; Leadership Development; Coaching; Team Effectiveness and Diversity & Inclusion.

Executive Assessment

We help organisations evaluate the capabilities, behaviours and character strengths of its leaders. Having the right leaders in the right roles at the right point in time is a key element of organisation effectiveness.

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Leadership Development

We define and build leadership capability to deliver your strategy. We create learning experiences that impact the bottom line and facilitate executive teams for performance improvement, resilience and business growth.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Our coaching approach is open and flexible, designed to adapt and focus on the individual within the business needs and work context. It is also integrative, utilising a range of diagnostic tools and techniques to tackle the conscious, unconscious, and behavioural aspects of individuals and teams.

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Team Effectiveness

We work with executive teams to improve their collective effectiveness. Using psychological insight and coaching techniques, we build individual awareness of self and others and help leaders harness diversity within the team.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Our approach to Diversity & Inclusion focuses on creating the right culture and environment that enables people from different backgrounds and with different characteristics to flourish and to succeed.

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To learn more about our services in Organisation Development and Talent Management, please contact us.