OE Cam LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with registered LLP number OC359835 whose registered office is at 3 Wellington Court, Cambridge, England, CB1 1HZ. Any reference to “us” or “we” throughout this statement refers to OE Cam LLP.


1. Purpose of the Policy
This anti-bribery policy exists to set out the responsibilities of OE Cam LLP and those who work for and with us, in regards to observing and upholding our zero-tolerance position on bribery and corruption.


2. Policy Statement
OE Cam LLP is committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner and implementing and enforcing systems that ensure bribery is prevented. Our employees act professionally, fairly and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships, in whichever geographical location we operate. This is supported by our employee on-boarding and development programme.

OE Cam LLP will uphold all laws relating to anti-bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which we operate. We are bound by the laws of the UK, including the Bribery Act 2010, in regards to our conduct both at home and abroad.


3. Definition of Bribery
Bribery refers to the act of offering, giving, promising, accepting or soliciting something of value so as to induce or influence an action or decision or otherwise to gain a commercial advantage.


4. Gifts and Hospitality
OE Cam LLP accepts normal and appropriate gestures of hospitality and goodwill, whether given to or received from third parties, so long as the transaction is not made with the intention of influencing the party to whom it’s being given, to obtain or reward the retention of a business advantage or as an explicit or implicit exchange for favours or benefits and is in compliance with UK law.


5. Responsibilities
This anti-bribery policy applies to all Partners, employees, whether permanent, fixed term or temporary, as well as associate consultants and any associated third parties or subsidiaries.


6. Compliance
Breaches of this policy may be treated as a disciplinary matter dealt with under the Company disciplinary policies. Where third party associates are involved, breach of this policy may also constitute a breach of contract.


For more information about OE Cam policies, please contact our Managing Partner, Martyn Sakol.