Performance Management

Performance Management activities allow organisations to assess, develop and maintain highly effective behaviours and capability within their teams.  It often has the stigma of being the means by which leaders deal with poor performance, however, by utilising strengths-based and appreciative approaches, OE Cam ensures that performance management can be used positively for all team members, whether they need more support or are already high performers.

High performing organisations focus on three critical strands of performance management: strong feedback cultures; effective onboarding and proactive performance appraisal systems.  By focusing on these three critical areas, we are able to evolve performance management activities into the day-to-day behaviours of leaders and managers, rather than being an annual chore, reinforced and policed by the internal HR team.

Our Approach to Performance Management

Our approach to performance management ensures an alignment of employee behaviours and capabilities with the fundamental business needs.  As Business Psychologists our approach focuses on the mindset and behavioural aspects of performance management.

Building a strong feedback culture:

  • 360 feedback design and facilitation – effective 360 feedback processes are specific and focused, measuring behaviours that are truly needed for the individual to perform their role effectively
  • Appreciative Inquiry – incorporating strengths-based and future focused methodologies ensures continued growth whether an individual is high performing or needing additional support.
  • Authentic feedback approaches – when asked, many employees cite fear of “getting it wrong” as the reason for delaying or not providing constructive feedback. We work with individuals and teams to find an approach to providing feedback in a way that feels comfortable and natural to them.


Effective Onboarding / Induction support:

Hiring key talent is expensive, so the retention of such talent is key to ensure real return on investment.  For many new joiners, it can take up to a year to really embed themselves and feel like they are making a difference.  OE Cam focuses on designing effective onboarding processes that speed up this process.  We do this by understanding the behaviours within teams that need to be maintained or evolved when adding in a new team member.  Working with not only the new joiner, but the wider team as well.


Proactive Performance Appraisal systems – our approach to performance management enables quick and continuous appraisal processes, that motivate and engage your teams.

What’s Involved?

Every project is bespoke, however our performance management projects typically include the following steps:

  1. Reflect on the established – All businesses are unique, meaning their business performance management processes should also be bespoke to their individual needs. Therefore, although underpinned by current best practice, OE Cam will work with you to understand your current ways of working and the impact they have on employee mindset, behaviours and capabilities.
  2. Consider the essential – Working in partnership with you, OE Cam will provide an experienced sounding board to identify what your business needs in terms of employee mindset, behaviours and capability. Supporting you to build a framework that will underpin your performance management practices, ensuring that they deliver the specific needs that are unique to your business.  Regardless of the strand of performance management, OE Cam will partner with you to design performance management activities that will allow you to bridge the gap between the established and the essential.
  3. Make the change – Employee motivation and engagement is strongly linked to Performance Management processes, this means that any change to these processes should be socialised and implemented effectively to engage with employees. For OE Cam, this means that the design and facilitation of Performance Management is treated as a change management process and we work with you to embed this change in sustainable ways.
  4. Review and grow – Performance management is an ongoing process. As your business and employees grow, OE Cam will work with you, as a continuous partner, to reflect and develop as the business continues to adapt.

Why OE Cam?

We believe that performance management activities underpinned by psychological principles ensures greater return on investment; targeting the roots of employee performance rather than simply addressing the symptoms.  Our approach seeks to fulfil immediate needs but also evolve attitudes around performance management in the longer term.  By focusing processes on mindset shifts and behaviour change you will see more enduring and positive change in employee performance.

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