Executive Assessment

Executive assessment is the starting point in understanding the leadership talent you have within an organisation. As Business Psychologists, we help organisations evaluate the capabilities, behaviours and character strengths of its leaders. Having the right leaders in the right roles at the right point in time is a key element of organisation effectiveness.

At OE Cam we do not believe there is one leadership model that fits all. The world of work, the changing nature of communication and diversity of people within organisation is far too complex to simplify leadership into any one generic model. We focus on assessments that identify the leadership your organisation will require in the next few years in order to deliver commercial results in the ‘right’ way. For example, there is a big difference between good ‘all round’ leaders and ‘disruptive talent’ leaders – and we know how important it is not to confuse the two. The outcome is a powerful evaluation of a leader’s future behaviour and fit with your organisation giving you the confidence to make the right people decisions.

Our Approach to Executive Assessment

OE Cam’s leadership assessments are based on our ERCONIC™ in-depth interviewing methodology. This method focuses on a leader’s life and career history, looking for patterns or inconsistencies to understand both personal and career motives and drivers. We explore what the individual has been good at and not so good at, how they have developed over time, their self-awareness and conscious competence / incompetence. We cross-reference this with psychometric profiles and our knowledge about the business and the role.

Insights from this process enable us to make a judgement about the accuracy of the data and predicted capability against the requirement of the role. We reveal the strengths, fit, development areas and motivations of the individual; giving you a reliable and predictive picture of their future behaviour and performance.

The result is a decision on whether the individual will deliver what the business needs them to deliver.

What’s Involved?

OE Cam Executive Assessments typically include the following steps:

  • Robust psychometric assessments that are accredited with the British Psychological Society
  • ERCONIC™ in-depth interview to verify findings and reveal the strengths, fit, development areas and motivations of a candidate
  • Objective scoring to observe the behaviour of potential recruits in real situations that closely match the types of work they would be doing in the role
  • Precise reports about the individual being assessed, sharing our insights and evidence-backed judgment of a candidate’s suitability and predicted performance in the future
  • Benchmarked norms to compare candidates for similar roles across a broad range of businesses
  • Assessment Centres where several candidates are being considered for the same role, observing their interactions within teams as well as their performance across a series of relevant business simulations.

Why do I need Executive Assessment?

Our executive assessment services broadly fall into five areas of application:

  1. Talent Management We support organisations in understanding existing talent. This provides the basis for maximising the effectiveness of leaders and identifying succession gaps and opportunities. This is much more than just good governance; it is about optimising your return on your investment in leaders. These assessments can be for individuals or groups of leaders.
  2. Mergers & acquisitions Commercial acquisitions typically focus on assets, portfolios and business synergies; however, it is the people issues that are most commonly cited as the root cause of failure. “Up to 85% of M&A failures are attributable to problems in the integration of employees and the management of cultural issues in the merger or acquisition.” (Corporate Leadership Council). Our leadership due diligence has been proven to be effective at identifying leadership issues and opportunities during mergers & acquisitions. Our business psychologists provide advice on how to address the issues and maximise the opportunities so the business gains the greatest value from the deal.
  3. Disruptive Talent programmes The most reliable sources of unexpected growth in revenues and margins are disruptive products and business models.HBR 2011. Our disruptive talent assessments identify individuals who will be catalysts for disruptive change. We identify how to manage those individuals and provide advise on how put teams around them to bring out the good disruption and minimise the bad disruption. This helps manage your people risks in high potential growth areas.
  4. Senior & top team development Great individuals do not equate to great teams. Even the best combinations of individuals have to work at relationships. Our work focuses on identifying how senior teams can work in the most effective way to maximise their effectiveness. We assess and work with senior teams individually and collectively to support them in achieving their potential.
  5. Business re-structuring New business opportunities can mean that different capabilities are required. We support organisations to determine the new requirements and design and deliver assessment processes to identify gaps between the existing capability and future requirements of the organisation. These can take the form of individual assessments or assessment centres where groups of individuals go through a series of simulated exercises on the same day.

Why OE Cam?

We are a boutique consultancy, which means that your experience with us will be a personal one. Our approach is bespoke to each client – whether we are delivering confidential assessments to replace Chief Executives or 600 assessments for more junior staff.

Whether you are looking at managing your leadership talent, succession planning or identifying leadership for radical change, our approach combines robust psychological methodologies with a clear business focus. OE Cam executive assessments are carried out by experienced business psychologists, many of whom have personally held leadership roles and so understand the commercial pressures and the trade offs that leaders have to make.

To learn more about our Executive Assessment services, please contact Paolo Moscuzza at paolo.moscuzza@oecam.com or phone our Cambridge office on +44 (0)1223 269009.
We welcome all enquiries.
Paolo Moscuzza