Team Effectiveness

Executive teams are most effective when they have six elements in place:

  1. Team members really understand and work well with one another’s diverse working styles and communication preferences
  2. There is alignment around strategy
  3. A shared sense of business purpose, values and ways of working
  4. Clarity about team role
  5. The right balance of behaviours and
  6. The right mix of capabilities.

This needs to be supported by an organisational culture that empowers the team to behave in an agile way; to take risks, continuously learn and a willingness to work through challenges together in order to move the business forwards.

Our Approach to Team Effectiveness

OE Cam works with teams to improve their collective effectiveness. Using psychological insight and coaching techniques, we build individual awareness of self and others and help leaders harness diversity within the team.

Diverse perspectives are important in delivering better business outcomes. However, it is trust and commonality that binds people together which means the team dynamic can be complex… Our approach enables team members to really understand one another’s working styles and communication preferences. We re-align the team around a common goal and demonstrate how individuals can play to their strengths to achieve it.

What’s Involved?

Every OE Cam project is bespoke, however team effectiveness assignments typically include the following aspects:

  1. Diagnostic – psychometric profiling that predicts both individual and collective preferred leadership styles and personal drivers
  2. Individual interviews & feedback – one-to-one sessions with a Business Psychologist
  3. Analysis & insights – collation and review of key themes from diagnostics
  4. Design & Development – based on key themes, we co-create development event(s) with a focus on behaviours and business outcomes
  5. Delivery – development workshop(s) or team offsite coupled with coaching
  6. Evaluation & Action Plans – review of outcomes and agreement of individual

Why do I need team effectiveness?

Every team, regardless of how long they have been working together, benefits from periodically reviewing performance against these six dimensions. The business context and team composition invariably change over time and it is important to provide regular opportunities for team members to reconnect and refocus in order to maximise team effectiveness.

An HBR article summarising the findings from global study of employee engagement neatly captures the importance of teams:


“Your experience of your team drives many things: how productive you are at work; how happy you are at work; how creative, innovative, and resilient you are; and how long you choose to stay with your company. In other words, when it comes to your work, great teams and teamwork aren’t a nice-to-have; they’re a must-have”.

(The Power of Hidden Teams, May 2019, Harvard Business Review).

Why OE Cam?

Quite often teams get ‘stuck’ into a certain pattern of behaviour and need external, objective input to understand what is going on and why.

As experienced Business Psychologists, OE Cam provides clear insight into team strengths & ‘watch-outs’ and co-creates practical development plans to enable to the team to move forwards.

What makes our psychological insight different is that we also draw upon our expertise as organisation consultants. This means that our advice is set in the context of OD knowledge such as Target Operating Models, board governance and performance management. We believe this delivers more holistic, sustainable OE solutions for our clients.

To learn more about our Team Effectiveness services, please contact Martyn Sakol at or phone our Cambridge office on +44 (0)1223 269009.
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