Organisation Design

In order to deliver on your purpose and vision, an effective organisation needs to put in place the right structure, processes and governance to enable it to be aligned, accountable and agile.

We help organisations find the ‘sweet spot’ – where the design of the organisation connects with its employees and unleashes business performance.

Our Approach to Organisation Design

We take a holistic approach to organisations in order to make them:

  • Aligned – linking structures, processes and people to strategy
  • Accountable – with a clear understanding and ownership of how the organisation works and how decisions get made and implemented
  • Agile – adaptable to the changing external conditions.

This requires us to look at how to best configure structures, processes, and capabilities, and how teams and individuals interface with each other in order to make effective decisions.

As a team of organisation consultants and business psychologists, we are particularly known for tackling complex organisational challenges that require both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ elements.

What’s Involved?

Every project is bespoke, however our organisation design projects typically include the following aspects:

  1. Organisation Principles: Translate your strategy into a set of organisation principles – what does the organisation need to do /enable, in order to support the delivery of your strategic goals?
  2. Organisation Mapping: we help you map out your current organisation:
    • Define the key value-added activities that your business needs to undertake
    • Create a single map of the organisation, showing where your existing functions / teams sit against those key activities
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the current organisation – Identify what works (what you want to keep), and what doesn’t work regarding structures, processes, capabilities and motivation
  4. Identify and evaluate the future organisation options
  5. Conclude on a preferred option
  6. Build a transition plan to preferred option, taking account of existing capabilities and motivations.

Why do I need Organisation Design?

There are certain pivotal moments in time when an organisation needs to review and reshape how it is structured and how it makes decisions. For example, this can be when a firm changes strategic direction, or experiences a change in market conditions – or it is simply finding it hard work getting decisions made and responding to market pressures.

When these moments arise, if there is complexity around how the organisation operates, and /or if there could be challenges to the balance of power around the top team, then using an independent trusted advisor to work with the Exec becomes critical.

Why OE Cam?

Our experience in organisational change means that we understand how organisations behave. And our expertise in business psychology means that we understand how people ‘work’ – how to effectively navigate the complex dynamics of organisational life.

We work alongside the leadership team and/or an internal project team and take a holistic approach to organisation design across the functions.

To learn more about our Organisation Design services, please contact Gary Ashton at or phone our Cambridge office on +44 (0)1223 269009.
We welcome all enquiries.