We offer clients the best mix of leading-edge thinking, practical advice and high quality peer-group debate.

Our management journal, The OE, is linked with our own internal development programme and we regularly host events to bring together our diverse network to discuss topical issues and share stories.

Explore our big ideas, emerging insights and news about organisation development and talent management…


Big ideas are the macro trends shaping our business world today…

In collaboration with our consulting partners Space Consulting, OE Cam conducts annual pan-European research to explore the critical people factors affecting organisation effectiveness & share international best practice.  Our latest research projects include Autonomous Teams, Human DNA in Innovation and The Digital Wave.

These pages bring together our thinking on topics such as AI, Digital Transformation, Resilience, Innovation and Agile Leadership.

AI possibilities

AI Possibilities

AI is exciting new territory... but it can be difficult to visualise all the potential new (and…

Disruptive Talent: use it - don't lose it!

Disruptive Talent Booklet

Disruptive Talent (DT) is not only a ‘must have’ to produce radical transformation but is now…

Agile Leadership

Much has been written about the “Agile Leader”; those individuals who are both ‘enablers’ and…


A fundamental part of our consulting approach is having an external perspective and culture of continuous learning.

OE Cam consultants regularly attend networking events and industry conferences and write articles to develop their own thinking.  We often invite guest speakers in to our monthly team meetings and actively encourage open debate at all levels of our organisation – we are brilliant critical thinkers and build on one another’s ideas.

OE insights are the emerging ideas that interest us and influence our thinking.

Enhancing Diversity Top Tips

Enhancing Diversity in Leadership – Ten Top Tips

Dr Hazel McLaughlin reveals her ten top tips for enhancing diversity in leadership

Learning through Serious Play

Serious Gaming plays an important role in blended learning programmes and can be defined as, “a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure…

VIDEO – Top Tips for Diverse Teams

Trust. A shared vision. And a willingness to embrace conflict. Toni Marshall, Senior Business Psychology Consultant at Organisation Effectiveness…

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