OE Cam works with leaders to understand the organisational impact of digitalisation and explore opportunities for business growth.  Our core areas of expertise for digital transformation include:

  • Reimagine your operating model and new ways of working:  With digital transformation comes the need to translate the new strategy into an effective operating model and supportive culture that creates better ways of working within a digital environment. We work with you to map out how the different parts of your organisation will need to collaborate more effectively, how job design will change with the focus on capability & accountability and how decisions are made within a softer hierarchical structure.
  • Redefine leadership capabilities and mindset:  Digitalisation requires new capabilities for your leadership team and a ‘brave new mindset’ for employees.  Our European research into digital transformation, clearly identified that many leaders are reactive rather than proactive in their attitudes towards digital changes, and this slows down their digital journey.  We work with your leaders to develop the right behaviours and skill sets to invigorate the digital transformation.
  • Recruit and retain digital talent:  Who are your Digital Pioneers and Transformers?  Do you have the right mix of Disruptive Talent in your teams?  What kinds of digital talent will work effectively with your existing staff?  We help you to identify the digital talent you need with the right attitudes & behaviours, assess against those needs and develop more effective ways of working with existing individuals and teams.  Together this ensures optimum attraction, retention and performance.

For more information about how OE Cam can help with your digital transformation journey, please contact Gary Ashton on gary.ashton@oecam.com or call our Cambridge office on +44(0)1223 269009.

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How are you dealing with the challenge of digital disruptors?

Is digital transformation sufficiently integrated into your strategic agenda? Building a vision for your business proposition in a digital world might be a good place for you to start. This means that your business leaders need to reimagine their world to stay one step ahead of the competition. Toni Marshall’s article explores the impact of vanishing markets and how businesses are beginning to deal with this.

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Are you addressing the ‘internal’ consequences of digitalisation?

Your business seems to be all too aware of the external pressures to integrate digital processes – customer needs and new market propositions are accounted for. However, with external-facing change comes the need for internal changes as well. Chris Legge’s article explores the ways in which your internal interactions need to develop to ensure you reap the rewards of your digital investment.

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Are you Successfully Attracting & Retaining Digital Talent?

Your business has a plan for digital transformation, but does it have the “right” people to deliver it? Do you even know what the “right” people look like and where to find them? Ensuring that you have the digital talent in place to fulfil the digital transformation is a key enabler for digital transformation. Stephanie Garforth’s article might be good place to begin thinking through how to attract such talent.

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Is poor decision making slowing down your digital transformation?

Your digital strategy is set and you have a vision for the future. The next step is to ensure that the businesses internal process don’t slow down the digital journey. Our research suggests that one of the most important of these processes is decision making throughout the organisation. Mariam Mirza’s article could be a good place for you to start your thinking on how best to ensure that decision making isn’t your transformation blocker.

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How do ‘traditional’ businesses remain competitive in a digital age?

With so much invested in the legacy organisation, it’s important to build upon successes of the past and understand how best to create a stronger value proposition – one fit for the digital future. In this edition of The OE, Gary Ashton explores the concept of ‘grafting on’ the new to the old.