Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching is a powerful lever for business growth, maximising the effectiveness of talent, unlocking potential and underpinning sustainable organisation excellence.

OE Cam’s executive coaches are both expert in business psychology, and in businesses and organisation management. We work in partnership with the both the individual and the leadership of the organisation to ensure alignment with current and future business objectives. We work with individuals and teams to define and reinforce what they do well and challenge them to identify where and how they could improve to maximise their personal effectiveness.

OE Cam offers an unrivalled coaching proposition. With over 30 years experience OE Cam is known and valued for the exceptional relationships we build with our clients and their people. Our coaching meets the needs of leaders, senior executives of private and public sector organisations, partners, principals and managers in professional services firms and senior officials in public bodies and Government.

Our Approach to Coaching

We liken our coaching approach to that of the Sports Coach and the Athlete. At times, the coach needs to inspire or mentor the athlete through a difficult time. At other times they direct the action with clear instructions or design technical exercises for the athlete to try. The relationship is ‘on demand’; it is not a fixed set of predefined sessions. We believe that the coach plays many varied roles and helps to create the right conditions for the individual to fulfil their potential.

Our approach is open and flexible, designed to adapt and focus on the individual within the business needs and work context. It is also integrative, utilising a range of diagnostic tools and techniques to tackle the conscious, unconscious, and behavioural aspects of individuals and teams.

The coaching process is an ongoing learning experience that empowers the individual to maximise their effectiveness and increase their personal impact within the business.

“Based on my experience of the last three years, I can’t recommend OE Cam and Paolo Moscuzza highly enough. Paolo has been a stimulating and often helpfully provocative coach during a time of rapid growth and change in my organisation and my practice. His ability to listen carefully, probe incisively and offer up different perspectives on the issues at hand has been invaluable. As a result I’ve been able to influence and lead much more effectively. I’ve enjoyed every interaction and come away from them with a head full of ideas”.

What’s Involved?

Individual differences and personal circumstances mean that every coaching situation is different. However, the coaching process typically follows three stages:

  1. Chemistry & Plan: Our first meeting is about personal ‘chemistry’; this is an opportunity to get to know one another and build a common understanding of what is required. We then begin to develop the relationship, gathering evidence relevant to the situation (e.g. psychometrics or 360 feedback) and identifying a specific opportunity to tackle. This enables us to agree a plan together.
  2. Action & Feedback: On the basis of the plan, the coachee is encouraged to agree actions to take on which observations are fed back as part of the coaching sessions. Our aim is to increase self-awareness; awareness of their impact compared to desired outcomes and work through alternative/additional strategies or tactics to test out. Coaching activities could include one-to-one meetings or video calls, a role-play session with actors or a lastminute emergency phone call prior to an important meeting.
  3. Review: Evaluating the impact of the coaching is an integral part of our approach to coaching. We agree with the individual measurable objectives that they hope to achieve and check the results against these objectives.

Our Executive coaching services broadly fall into three areas of application:

  1. Individual – we help people to be the best versions of themselves. We use psychological insight to help build self-awareness and techniques such as appreciative inquiry, visualisation and nudge to help build capability in specific areas.  We may also work with two individuals to help to improve effectiveness of relationships between them.
  2. Team – team coaching can cover situations such as improving team relationships and focusing on business goals, building new teams, relationships between teams or developing new strategies and opportunities. When coaching a team, a balance is struck between helping the team manage both process and content.  The coach may provide constructive challenge where necessary and help facilitate team-working, acting as a bridge between the team and the situation they are dealing with.
  3. Organisation – training people to be coaches is important to assure the development of a coaching culture. We offer a range of workshops to build internal capability for sustainable co-coaching practices.
Why OE Cam?

You would choose OE Cam as your coach because you are looking for someone who understands the psychology of individual behaviour and can apply that insight in a practical way. But what’s different about OE Cam’s coaching, is that we understand the organisational context and can adapt our approach accordingly.

We are a specialist consultancy, which means that your experience with us will be a personal one. Our approach is bespoke to each client – whether we are coaching a Chief Executive new to the post or delivering coaching support for 60 Operations Directors as part of a broader leadership development programme.

To learn more about our Coaching services, please contact Martyn Sakol at or phone our Cambridge office on +44 (0)1223 269009.
We welcome all enquiries.