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Talking About My Generation

  Welcome to this edition of The OE Editorial. Large employers have long understood the importance of employee attraction, recruitment, engagement and retention to deliver, sustain and develop high performance... read more →

Power & Influence

  Welcome to this edition of The OE Editorial. Power is fascinating. Some people have it, others don’t and some think they have it (but they don’t). Leaders need power.... read more →
human dna in innovation

Human DNA in Innovation

Welcome to this edition of The OE - Human DNA in Innovation OE Cam conducts ongoing research into the links between sustainable business performance and maximising individual, team and organisation effectiveness.... read more →
Positive Psychology

The Clever Ones

Welcome to the first edition of The OE in 2015! This edition focuses on the opportunities and challenges in getting the very best from “The Clever Ones”, those high value... read more →