Leadership Development

No one is born with all the skills and capabilities they need to be an effective leader. The business landscape continuously shifts and leaders need to be lifelong learners in order to adapt and remain effective. Today’s leader is a juggler of competing forces, an explorer of ideas and an exemplar of strong values. They need to navigate through ambiguity, be agile, authentic and an inspirational force for change; all whilst being an enabler of others and having a clear vision for business direction.

A well-designed leadership development programme is one that defines effective leadership in an inclusive way and provides a blended and stimulating approach to learning. Combined with coaching, the programme provides an excellent opportunity to develop the right skills and behaviours to support the organisation in realising its strategy.

Our Approach to Leadership Development

We start with helping you to define the leadership behaviours and learning outcomes you need for your business to succeed in the short, medium and long term.  Sound diagnostics to understand the context is absolutely key to our approach.

We then help you to understand your people; what drives them and how they learn.  As Business Psychologists, we help organisations to achieve more sustainable behavioural change through developing an individuals’ self-awareness, building intellectual insight and shifting mindset.

With an understanding of business context and your people, we can then work together on designing a blended leadership development programme that is fit-for-purpose and integrates with your broader talent management framework. This will integrate into day-to-day activities. It is essential the programme motivates, inspires and excites delegates and is memorable for years to come.  Above all, we remain participant-focused to ensure our delivery is relevant for the audience and people are truly engaged in the process.

Learning can also be supported by our digital learning platform.  This provides individuals with additional opportunities to recap key messages from workshops at their own pace and helps ‘nudge’ habits through repetition and useful reminders.  Delegates also use the online platform to communicate and share learning information and ideas with one another 24×7.

What’s Involved?

Our leadership development method is bespoke, but typically incorporates the following aspects:

  • Development of a competency framework/success criteria/charter that reflects the business need and the context of future leadership requirements of the organisation
  • Individual/team learning assessment against the leadership competencies to reveal the individual and team development areas
  • Creation of individual development plans highlighting strengths, watch outs and priorities and how the person will best learn
  • Tailored individual and team development programme which could include:
  • Pre and post-programme evaluation to demonstrate value and benefits of improved performance.

We are expert in building connected, ‘ambi-dextrous organisations’ – so we understand the importance of delivering ‘quick wins’ that drive operational efficiency as well as developing leadership behaviours that inspire innovation and build engagement in the future vision.

There are typically three triggers for building the capability of leaders:

  • Developing the capability to lead in a changing environment e.g. technological change, competitor threats, business opportunities, anticipated growth and changing customer expectations.
  • Building the bench-strength through identifying and developing the next generation of leaders. This can be triggered by corporate governance requirements or by preparation for a future event (e.g. IPO, business sale)
  • Supporting Mangers to become Leaders: OE Cam recognises the important role that all managers play as catalysts or blockers to organisation effectiveness. Often managers lack the necessary mindset, capability and skills to enable them to fulfil their potential as future leaders; to think more strategically beyond the day-to-day operational practices, to take on greater accountability and make decisions in an uncertain, fast-moving environment.  We work with senior leaders to build capability to deliver strategic change, while also helping to accelerate the emergence of future leaders by creating ‘Agile and Accountable’ mid-level managers.  Managers who are more aligned to the organisation purpose and proactively contribute to the delivery of business objectives.

Our series of focused learning modules can be a great way to try out the OE Cam approach to learning. Our short sessions include:

  • Dealing with Change & Ambiguity
  • Building Individual Resilience using Positive Psychology
  • Principles of Agile Leadership
  • Coaching 101 – building coaching skills into the everyday
  • Building Awareness of Unconscious Bias
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Enhanced Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • The Art of Influencing and Negotiation

To learn more about these short sessions, please email Toni Marshall at toni.marshall@oecam.com

Why OE Cam?

As business psychologists, we have an in-depth understanding of human behaviour, motivation, learning and behaviour change.  Our leadership development methodology is underpinned by our qualifications and practical expertise in applied Occupational Psychology to ensure we engage, motivate and help individuals understand and fulfil their potential.

This combined with more than 30 years of business understanding, knowledge, and consulting experience in business management, training, and HR allows us to create leadership development programmes that challenge individuals to improve performance while tackling immediate key business issues and delivering business projects.

To learn more about our Leadership Development services, please contact Toni Marshall at toni.marshall@oecam.com or phone our Cambridge office on +44 (0)1223 269009.
We welcome all enquiries.
Toni Marshall