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AI is exciting new territory. Our innovation workshop enables leaders to explore the potential opportunities of AI for their organisation and understand the requisite talent needed to deliver on those opportunities. We argue that to successfully select and implement AI, leaders will need to adopt more of a ‘design-thinking’ change management approach. Such an approach focuses on the customer and rapidly moves from exploration to market testing; to get this right requires a new set of leadership behaviours and a brave new – more open – mindset.

To navigate the AI revolution, HR and senior leaders will need to work together to engage and energise their teams in the change. One of our contributors describes AI as a ‘confined dragon’ (do read on…); an almost mystical, powerful force to completely disrupt the way we do things.

With such uncertainty comes fear and opportunity in equal measure. Will we see the continued rise of the Knowledge Worker and unlock human know-how? Or will humans actually eventually lose the ability to make complex decisions?

We hope you enjoy this edition and as always, welcome the opportunity to discuss the key themes with you.