Disruptive Talent: use it – don’t lose it!

DT can be a powerful catalyst for change in your organisation…

Disruptive Talent (DT) is not only a ‘must have’ to produce radical transformation but is now increasingly sought after by more traditional organisations to challenge the status quo and create new and better ways of doing business.  However, without the right support, DT will fail to deliver the intended business benefit and inevitably walk out of your organisation along with their innovative ideas…

In this booklet we take you through how to identify the ‘right’ Disruptive Talent for your organisation, how best to create a supportive environment in which this unique talent can thrive and share our case studies along with OE Cam’s methodology for success.

For more information on the business benefits of Disruptive Talent, please email Paolo Moscuzza on paolo.moscuzza@oecam.com or call our Cambridge office on +44 (0)1223 269009.



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