It’s been said that this is the ‘Age of the Customer’. Indeed many of our clients are currently talking to us about how they can become more customer-centric and put the customer at the heart of their business.

So what does customer-centricity look like in practice?

This edition of The OE explores the customer proposition from different perspectives. From the holistic – the four levels of influence across the customer journey, to the specific – a case study of the nine behaviours of top performing sales professionals.

As specialists in organisation, we look at the business model, and how getting an external view on the inner workings of the organisation can uncover new and better ways to engage with the customer. As business psychologists, we look at behaviour – helping you to understand the unintended power shifts in the executive team when you realign around the customer. And, we share with you, a very personal story, that reminds us to not forget the ‘human’ elements at a time of increasing digitisation.

We hope you find this a timely and useful journal, and, as ever, we welcome your feedback!