For many years OE Cam has supported organisations in defining, assessing and developing talent.  Typically, we are called in to help find people who possess the right competencies, behaviours and character strengths to deliver outstanding results, and at the same time underpin and align with the business culture; who will effortlessly become part of the team, and help the organisation deliver its agreed strategy.  But increasingly often, top teams recognise they need talent that thinks differently, individuals that make a few ripples in the pond and offer a really fresh perspective.  When they see ‘different’ – be it in the recruitment process or within their organisation – there are sparks of excitement and a newfound energy around future potential business opportunities.

As Business Psychologists, we are able point out the ‘watch outs’.  Supported in the right way, this talent will deliver what the business really needs, but equally, there is a risk that they could derail and have a negative impact.  We call these individuals ‘disruptive talent’ and our experience suggests that many organisations now recognise that if they harness this talent in the right way, it can lead to significant competitive advantage.  We define Disruptive Talent as:

“Individuals who think and act differently, who innovate, challenge conventional wisdom and practice, spot trends, see commercial opportunities and tenaciously find new and better ways to deliver business success”

Most organisations have hi-potential programmes or talent initiatives to identify and develop the next wave of leaders to move the business forwards.  But you may not find disruptive talent in these programmes; people to precipitate, implement and lead new and game-changing initiatives and ventures.

In this edition of The OE, we explore what we mean by Disruptive Talent, why you need it, how you can assess it, develop it, and create the right organisation environment for it to deliver spectacular commercial success.

We hope you enjoy this edition of The OE and look forward to your feedback.

Martyn Sakol