‘Making more of what we have’ is echoing across our economic landscape …

A very warm welcome to the fourth edition of The OE in which we explore a number of angles by which organisational leaders can make more of what they have.  Not so much squeezing out the last ounce, but more skilful and fundamental optimisation of the rich mix that we already have around us.

In this edition, we examine how to access and optimise the added value that our people can deliver.  How do we motivate and benefit from their multiple world views that lead us to better performance and sustainability?

We start with an article by Ann Gammie that explores the analogy of the organisation as concertina – setting a rhythm of involvement and engagement with focus and closure to move the organisation from rich ideas to results.  Paolo Moscuzza then homes right in on what is happening in our brains when we encounter differences of experience or view and simply react.  In our third article, Mark Goodridge examines how different perspectives enable us to work with paradox and complexity.  This leads into my own article on senior teams and how dynamism and difference better ensure strong business and people leadership.  We close with an especially personal article by our newest team member, Stephanie Chu – how organisations can enable each of us to be all that we are.

I hope that you find these of both interest and value and that you let us know your own experiences and views on this topic.  Making more of what we have may be more rewarding than anyone can imagine.

Enjoy the festive season when it comes!