OE Cam’s new blog feature ‘The OE Vibe’ aims to give you an insight into what it is like to work at OE Cam.  The newest business psychologist in our team, Mariam Mirza, goes out and about to interview our professionals in the field.  Mariam completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Durham University, and more recently her Masters in Organisational Psychology at Manchester Business School. This week she speaks to Martyn Sakol, Chartered Psychologist, MBA, and co founder of OE Cam.

Sat at my desk in our Cambridge office I get an early morning email. It was from Martyn Sakol who was in New York that week. Back from his trip on Friday, I sit down to have brunch with him to explore some of the projects he had been working on that week, and talk more generally about the world of business psychology.


Martyn. What have you been up to this week?

“I have been working with the investment team of a private equity firm in Manhattan, delivering leadership workshops to help them develop the next level of investment Partners Principals and Managers.  As Business Psychologists, we are able to give insight into individual & team behaviours in the context of the organisation and then facilitate team discussion around strengths, development areas and action plans to achieve business outcomes.”


Working with this firm, what were their areas of interest and topics of discussion?

“For this team, the themes were around giving effective feedback, managing empathy in a high-pressure environment, managing well-being and working effectively within a multi-generational environment. With the latter, the team had recognised that Millennials might have different expectations to the partners who are predominantly Generation X-ers. Here, there is a need to tune-in and adapt to all the generations – I had some of the insights from our latest OE Journal to hand… read here“.


You were in New York for 2 days, how have you spent the rest of your week?

“Off the plane from Manhattan and straight to an exec search firm in Mayfair where we have been working to improve their management/professional systems and balance this with maintaining their entrepreneurial edge… and then around the corner in Marylebone to a private medical firm where we have been developing values and critical behaviours.  So as you can see, our projects span very different types of organisation with a range of needs”.


As Managing Partner of OE Cam, what do you enjoy most about business psychology?

“I am passionate about maximising effectiveness on an individual and collective level and delivering work where there is tangible business impact.”


You are a Scot and you were back just in time for Burns night, how did you celebrate it?

“I donned my black watch kilt, and gave the Selkirk grace at a formal Burns supper at St Edmunds College University of Cambridge. I was a guest of Dr Edward Kessler MBE who is a fellow of the college. It was a very impressive night!”