Happy New Year and a warm welcome to the second edition of The OE, The Courage to be Different.

We commence 2012, with opportunity. Amidst economic uncertainty, and rapid change, we can and should do things differently to adapt, evolve and thrive. If we only do now what we have always done before, we risk mediocrity at best, decline at worst.

Through maximising individual, team and organisational effectiveness our businesses, organisations and economies will flourish, develop, and grow.  In this edition of The OE, we focus on how.

Ann Gammie’s article reinforces the need to leverage the hard and soft components of organisation effectiveness to manage now and build for the future. Simone Jagniaszek presents a compelling and practical case study describing how Smiths News plc is working to maximise the value of its acquisition of Dawson Holdings plc. I reflect on finding the character strengths of future leaders, together with Susan Carroll who after 10 years at Apple describes “Apple spirit” that has underpinned outstanding value. Gary Ashton helpfully guides you through finding your organisation’s ”sweet spot” (do read on..) and Mark Goodridge and Chris Legge topically, rethinks senior management pay.

We hope this edition stimulates your thinking, provides you with ideas, and inspires you to flourish in 2012.

Have a great one!


Martyn Sakol

Managing Partner