A warm welcome to the first edition of  The OE, “Building Future Organisations”


We set up OE Cam with the specific aim of becoming the leading advisory consultancy to help organisations adapt and thrive through their people, in an increasingly connected, unpredictable, and exciting digital age.

Our purpose is to help you understand and leverage the people dimensions of organisation effectiveness, now and in the future.

Our approach will excite you. We will challenge some assumptions, stimulate your thinking and provide you with practical insight to develop you and your organisation’s performance.

In this first edition, we hope that we bring this to life for you. Mark Goodridge’s article The Effective Organisation, illustrates our model of organisation effectiveness that underpins our approach. In it he describes how organisation effectiveness is multidimensional, and combines the hard and the soft. Gary Ashton reflects on the challenges of global  organisations and provides a framework to understand and manage through multiple trade-offs. Ann Gammie illustrates the organisational relevance today of Thor Heyerdahl’s journey across the Pacific Ocean on a flimsy balsa-wood raft to help prove that South Americans had sailed to the Polynesian Islands in pre-Columbian times (we said we would stimulate your thinking). Paolo Moscuzza provides a thoughtful alternative to simplified, codified approaches to capability assessment, and in my article I confess that in all the boardroom assessments I have conducted so far, I have yet to come across a balanced individual… Do read on…

Whilst we that hope you find this edition an enjoyable read, we would like it to be more than that, and so do give us your feedback.


Martyn Sakol

Managing Partner