Welcome to the fifth edition of The OE.

The digital age is driving a whole new way of doing business. Those businesses that were “born digital” move at a different speed to “digital immigrants”. They behave differently towards customers and the digital business model allows them to be more innovative and responsive.

This edition of The OE explores four challenges for traditional “physical” businesses to thrive in this new era:

  1. Changes to the business model – identifying where and how a business can make a profit;
  2. Organisational changes – implications for shifting focus, power and resources and the way social media is profoundly affecting information, hierarchy and dialogue;
  3. Managing the shift in culture in the mind-sets of both the new and existing staff towards the digital transformation;
  4. Capability – how to bring in new talent with possibly very different ways of working and how the leadership team needs to adapt to lead the digital transformation.

We hope this edition will stimulate your thinking, whether you were “born digital”, have recently arrived, or are planning your journey.

Enjoy the spring!