Costain is a large engineering solutions organisation employing over 3,000 people in the UK. Principally, Costain provides construction and infrastructure management for the infrastructure, environment, energy and process sectors.

We facilitated the executive team to create their business strategy. Through working collaboratively with Costain’s own internal teams we analysed markets and their opportunities. This built a shared understand of their competitive position as we supported them to create their desired future.

OE Cam facilitated a series of practical workshops for top management, punctuated by structured activities the group delivered in between. Each strategic topic/issue culminated in a workshop. The process was rigorous, thorough and highly engaging which enabled the SMT to focus their resource and achieve tangible results.


The strategy was adopted and it delivered the platform for the organisation’s current success. Since 2007, Costain’s turnover and profits have increased significantly to provide market leading return on sales.