This first webinar explored the type of leadership required to successfully navigate the leadership dilemmas within a digital environment: do they fully understand the people implications of digitalisation?  and what impact does digitalisation have on decision making?

Through a series of events and articles we are sharing insights from our recent European research* – “The Digital Wave: surfing through digital chaos for successful transformation”. Our research identified four key areas impacting successful digital transformation:

1. Leadership Redefined – are your leaders ‘all at sea’ with digital?
2. Brave New Mindset – is your mindset ‘fit’ for digitalisation?
3. Evolving People Management – do you have the talent you need to ensure success in digitalisation?
4. Decision Making – how do you navigate the data?

Download your copy of the full research report here.

Our next webinar is on Wednesday 21st March 2018 and will look at how leaders can develop a ‘brave new mindset’ and successfully manage digital talent.

* “The Digital Wave: Surfing through digital chaos for successful transformation“. European research report from OE Cam and SPACE Consulting (2017). SPACE Consulting Europe is a strategic alliance of leading European management consulting firms. We help organisations work more effectively to deliver their strategy by improving their behavioural, cultural, structural and economic dimensions. SPACE operates in nine offices across Europe, with more than 250 consultants, for both public and private organisations.