Welcome to this edition of The OE.

The new year is a time for renewal; for fresh starts and new resolutions, and with a new year comes new opportunities. We tend to think about getting fit, maximising our wellbeing, reviewing our career and making plans for the future. So we thought it was timely to put together an edition of The OE that helps you to look at organisational fitness; not only employee wellness, but what are the components of healthy teams and how can the structure of the organisation be made fitter to really leverage the opportunities ahead?

In 2019, we saw the increased acknowledgement of individual employee burnout, a shift in the requirements of leadership teams to address wellbeing, and heightened environmental pressures for organisations. A key priority in 2020 will therefore be organisational ‘fitness’; a holistic approach to achieving outstanding performance. A good place to start is a comprehensive diagnostic. With clear metrics around aspects such as inclusion, communication and decision-making, we can work together to help leaders prioritise areas to maximise organisation effectiveness and get fit for the future.

We hope you find this edition useful and as always, we welcome your feedback.

Martyn Sakol