What is the ideal team configuration for innovation teams?

OE Cam’s european research, ‘Human DNA in Innovation‘ revealed that organisations typically follow one of two models when setting up teams to work on innovation projects.  In this short clip, Chris Legge explains the difference between these two approaches and introduces us to the ‘memetic effect’ in innovation.

This audio clip is a short extract from OE Cam’s interactive e-booklet on Resilience and Innovation.  Click the orange button below to download the full document.


Thriving Resilient & Innovative Organisations

Resilience and innovation underpin an organisation’s ability to thrive and succeed in a changing world. We cannot be complacent.

OE Cam’s interactive e-booklet draws together insights from our European research on ‘Human DNA in Innovation‘ with the output from a series of webinars plus ideas from the business breakfast we co-hosted at Google Campus London on how to build a thriving organisation that is both resilient and innovative.

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How can you foster the right environment for innovation to flourish?

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What is the role of the Innovation Architect?

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