How do you engage multi-generational teams?

Organisations face an increasing challenge of attempting to engage and motivate a workforce spanning four generations. With retirement ages soaring and highly educated ‘youngsters’ entering the workforce, the age gap between individuals within the same team continues to grow. Each generation bringing with it their own preferred ways of working, personal values and motivators.

Whilst this provides a fantastic opportunity for organisations in terms of diversity of thinking, it can also create a problem for HR professionals to devise intelligent and flexible reward, recognition and engagement packages. Organisations failing to consider all the different generational needs run the risk of a disengaged workforce and difficulties attracting & retaining the best talent.


OE Cam’s Toni Marshall will be presenting at People Value’s seminar on Employee Engagement at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons on 14 June.  She will be exploring considerations for reward and engagement from a business psychology perspective and offering practical guidance as to how organisations become ‘generation savvy’.

This event is invitation-only but if you are interested in receiving further details, please contact or phone our Cambridge office on 01223 269009.