The financial potential of harnessing ‘disruptive talent’ within a business was revealed at OE Cam’s breakfast seminar at London’s Shard on 23rd June. The issue attracted the attention of many big firms looking for new ways to deliver substantial business growth through radical innovation – AB Foods, ARM, Arcadia, Amazon, BBC, Coller Capital, Connect Group, Diageo, eBay, Mars, Marks & Spencer, NBC Universal, TalkTalk and Virgin Atlantic all registered to attend the event.

The guest speaker was David Yiend, Chief Executive of AB Agri which is a division of FTSE top 30 firm Associated British Foods. Yiend outlined how OE Cam helped AB Agri to harness its disruptive talent: creating a New Ventures team with the specific objective of developing a number of innovative new business opportunities, each with significant financial potential. The presentation demonstrated how AB Agri’s forward-thinking approach to disruptive talent has revolutionised the business’ pace of change.  To read some of the Tweets, follow @OECambridge

Chartered Psychologist, MBA and OE Cam’s Managing Partner Martyn Sakol commented “Disruptive Talent programmes help firms to identify individuals who have the ability to push the boundaries and deliver new business opportunities. Left unmanaged, these people may fail to deliver to their full potential – indeed they can even be damaging to a team. But by giving them the proper support, and plugging any gaps in their abilities, we are able to create extremely effective teams specifically designed to create new ventures and bring them to market at an accelerated rate. The effect of this activity is already having an impact on the EBIT of our clients, and looks set to grow these businesses at an unprecedented rate“.

Martyn concludes: “Most large businesses have their share of disruptive talents. Whether they are obsessed with detail, fiercely tenacious or a world-standard intellect, they are unlikely to sit easily within a traditional corporate structure. And yet their potential value to the organisation is enormous. We are finding that, with the support of senior management, it is possible to harness these individuals and to create game-changing teams within even the most traditional organisation, and that is the way that the blue chip firms of today will compete with innovative entrepreneurs and the nimble start-ups.

For further information about how disruptive talent can deliver innovation, please contact Martyn Sakol or phone OE Cam’s Cambridge office on +44 (0)1223 269009.