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OE Cam is proud to be shortlisted as a finalist in the Association of Business Psychology annual awards 2017.  The ABP awards celebrate excellence in the application of psychology in business and recognise best practice across the field.

Our entry for the excellence in assessment category outlines how we worked with one particular client to deliver an exciting ‘New Ventures’ programme.  Appointing the right individuals to lead and populate each new business venture was critical.  Leaders and teams would need to take risks, to challenge the existing business model and make bold decisions to deliver the ambitious growth strategy.

Martyn Sakol, Managing Partner at OE Cam and Project Lead for “New Ventures: Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Talent” said:

This was a truly innovative approach to executive assessment.  Traditional assessment techniques would not correctly identify these individuals; atypically we were looking for outliers in assessment scores and needed to design unconventional exercises coupled with specific expertise in profiling.  We needed to go beyond competencies and define the character strengths to deliver business success…

Psychometrically, OE Cam knew these pioneering and progressive individuals have a range of traits that could potentially derail the programme.  The right support and environment had to be in place to allow the disruptive characteristics to function effectively; to flourish rather than be minimised.  Without psychological intervention, Disruptive Talent would lose all value they could potentially bring to the business.  What were the ‘watch outs’ and could the risks be sufficiently mitigated?

The ABP awards are judged by a panel of leading Occupational Psychologists, industry experts and experienced practitioners.  Winners will be announced at the annual conference on 12th October 2017.  If you are interested in attending the event, please visit: www.theabp.org.uk

The Association of Business Psychology is “The Home and Voice of Business Psychology” and promotes “professional excellence and a community of practice in business psychology, advocating and developing the informed application of its research, bodies of knowledge and methodologies by all those involved in improving business performance and the quality of working lives”.