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Mark Goodridge talks to ChangeBoard about creating the ambi-dextrous organisation.


Few large businesses are good at innovating the business alongside ‘business as usual’. The nimble start-up and established corporation have two different cultures and mindsets that drive the existing and the new. The challenge for the big corporate is that you have a past and current to maintain; the start-up has neither, just a future.

All organisations and individuals have a tendency to want order and control. Ambi-dextrous leadership is living with a basket of probabilities rather than a series of certainties. The leader of the ambi-dextrous business is managing a portfolio of assets, people and projects that combine flexibly to meet the work demands.

Mark goes on to explain:

Ambi-dextrous organisations require different mind-sets. For example, people in established organisations tend to see that they have a ‘job’. A ‘job’ is something that is more or less defined and is configured as a bundle of tasks. In contrast, work at Google is more seen as an individual’s ability to contribute to the business. The job becomes a bundle of capabilities and experiences that is applied over time in lots of different ways.

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