OE Cam’s new blog feature ‘The OE Vibe’ aims to give you an insight into what it is like to work at OE Cam.  The newest member to our team, Mariam Mirza, Business Psychologist Consultant, goes out and about to interview our Consultants in the field.  This week she chats to Gary Ashton…


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A couple of weeks post-holiday in Brazil (sadly Gary not me), I catch up with Gary Ashton at our Cambridge office to see what he has been up to and what is the in project pipeline.

Gary Ashton is a Partner at OE Cam and leads our Organisation Development practice.



You have been out and about meeting with lots of current and potential clients…

“Yes I have. Most of my time has been spent in London – I even had a board evaluation debrief with a colleague at the Tate Modern which was a nice change to a corporate office.  Do check out the giant mirror ball in the One Two Three Swing installation!”

“I have also been speaking to our European consultant partners, preparing for our conference on the human impact of digitalisation on organisations. This will be held in Lyon in March and will be a fantastic opportunity to share insights with other consultants on different approaches to digital transformation across Europe. I am really looking forward to it.”


In your conversations with clients, what’s the buzz been about?

Impact of Digitalisation

“We have just published our digitalisation research and this has caught the eye of many of our clients. Over a coconut flat white (which I do recommend) I chatted with one business that has gone full steam ahead in delivering a digital transformation strategy. However, as with many other companies, because of the speed the digital world is moving at, they have spent less time working through what their operating model will actually look like in the future.

They are certainly not alone. Many organisations feel rushed into putting together a digital strategy without thoroughly exploring what this will look like in practice. With this in mind, when we have conversations about digitalisation, we make sure we use the findings from our research to ask the right questions and help organisations identify areas that might need developing.”

For the full digitalisation report ‘The Digital Wave: Surfing through digital chaos for successful transformation’ click here

Managing Diversity

“I have also had a few conversations around managing diversity – particularly diversity of age.  One Financial Services firm told me how there are parts of their business that consist of more Baby Boomers (a more mature workforce) and other parts that are predominantly Millennial (a younger workforce). The challenge for them is to ensure the firm is retaining talent at all ages, and to ensure that Millennials are given the right development opportunities to successfully progress over time to the more mature sectors of the business.

These types of conversations with organisations are drawn from insights and guidance from our “Talking About my Generation” OE journal, where we have explored generational workplace preferences and how to manage them.”


In the OE Cam office, you are renowned for your jam-packed social life – what’s on the cards this week?

“I’m going to a ‘How To: Academy’ talk by Daniel Pink with some of the OE Cam team tonight. His talks are always sold out so we are looking forward to going and learning more about decision-making and ‘perfect timing’.

I am also learning Portuguese so I watch a Brazilian soap opera called ‘Avenida Brasil’ to help me improve – it’s far more action-packed than the British soaps”

Obrigado Gary