Disruptive Talent is difficult to assess.  The need for a tailored assessment strategy when seeking to recruit disruptive talent exists because with such unique individuals, the conventional approach can misfire.

Traditional psychometrics seek to identify predictable behaviour, mitigating the risks associated with employment by ascertaining as best as possible how a candidate will perform. However, those with disruptive talent can often act in ways that for the average candidate would suggest their unsuitability for the organisation. For example, a gifted innovator may be rejected because their profile suggests they will not perform well on many conventional measures of success such as teamwork, empathy and diplomacy.

In this short video, Paolo Moscuzza reveals two assessment centre exercises useful for identifying Disruptive Talent.

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Resilience and innovation underpin an organisation’s ability to thrive and succeed in a changing world. We cannot be complacent.

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OE Cam’s interactive e-booklet draws together insights from our European research on ‘Human DNA in Innovation‘ with the output from a series of webinars plus ideas from the business breakfast we co-hosted at Google Campus London on how to build a thriving organisation that is both resilient and innovative.

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How do you create the right conditions for Disruptive Talent to succeed?

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Paolo Moscuzza
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