In some more ‘traditional’ organisations, bringing in Disruptive Talent to drive the innovation agenda can be problematic.

In this short video, Paolo Moscuzza explains how coaching can help preserve the strengths that Disruptive Talent brings to an organisation whilst managing the inevitable challenges.  Every coaching situation is unique. As Business Psychologists, we understand how people differ; what this will mean in terms of coaching style and what the individual and their business needs to get from the coaching. Coaching sessions are a combination of us reflecting back on what we see and hear, challenging the individuals’ ineffective and unhelpful approaches, and supporting the individual to recognise their strengths and pursue alternative, more effective strategies to improve business performance.

For further information related to this topic, please click the orange button below to download OE Cam’s interactive e-booklet on Resilience and Innovation.

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Resilience and innovation underpin an organisation’s ability to thrive and succeed in a changing world. We cannot be complacent.

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OE Cam’s interactive e-booklet draws together insights from our European research on ‘Human DNA in Innovation‘ with the output from a series of webinars plus ideas from the business breakfast we co-hosted at Google Campus London on how to build a thriving organisation that is both resilient and innovative.

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Paolo Moscuzza
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