Artificial Intelligence (AI) is exciting new territory… but it can be difficult to visualise all the potential new (and better) ways of working when you are busy running the day-to-day business.

It is critical for leadership teams to address not only the technological advantages of AI but also grasp the organisational consequences to enable the realisation of AI’s potential. OE Cam sees the AI opportunities around four key areas:

  1. Individual – From jobs to capabilities
    Jobs are changing and this means different capabilities. The augmentation of tasks through AI, allows people to be more creative and undertake more ‘insight-centric’ work, this will mean a change in how people define what they are there to do.
  2. Teams – From managed teams to autonomous cross-functional teams
    To release the creative potential of individuals, whilst also ensuring they still build practical solutions that the organisation can deliver, will mean the use of more autonomous cross-functional teams.
  3. Leaders – From control to letting go
    The way to get the most out of these teams will require leaders to shift from the more traditional control of tasks and people towards greater focus on the vision and values of the business, and providing the context and objectives for the employees to innovate and deliver.
  4. Organisation – From managing today to increasing productivity and developing tomorrow
    The opportunities for productivity gains through AI, combined with redefining how people work by AI augmentation, trigger more cross-functional working that can result in the need to reimagine the operating model of the business on how resources are managed and how decisions get made.  In August 2019, Gartner said “AI augmentation will create $2.9trillion of business value in 2021...”

To help you explore the AI possibilities, OE Cam has put together a useful toolkit of content and activities:

The OE Journal – the latest edition of our management journal “AI: Explore the Possibilities – Go on Safari!” has five articles to stimulate your thinking around the organisational and leadership implications of AI transformation.

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The Webinars – a series of webinars for Spring 2019 examining the opportunities & challenges of AI at a more practical level.

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The Workshop – join us for a virtual safari! This workshop is aimed at helping your senior managers understand the emerging technologies that are shaping the way we work & discuss the implications for your business.

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