Welcome to this edition of The OE Editorial.

Employers have long understood the importance of employee attraction, recruitment, engagement and retention to deliver, sustain and develop high performance now, and in the medium and longer term.  The engagement proposition has typically been underpinned by consistency, fairness, opportunity, but is often a ‘one policy for all’ with very little, if any, differentiation for the various generations of employees.

The arrival of Millennials in our workforce seems to have caused a bit of a stir… (also commonly known as Gen Y and includes births between 1980 – 1994).  The Veterans and the Baby Boomers have got used to working with Gen X but the Millennials seem to be more challenging.  Is this ‘go getting’ generation really so different to the youths that came before?  Or could the digital revolution be playing a part in exaggerating difference and leading us to believe there’s a problem?

This edition of The OE looks at the opportunities for multi-generational working.  We build on previous ideas about harnessing diversity to drive innovation and incorporate insights from our own latest research on digital transformation.  We explore some of the assumptions made about Millennials and reveal how leaders can develop a generational framework to engage talent of all ages.

As ever, we welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing what you think.


Martyn Sakol