OE Cam’s new blog feature ‘The OE Vibe’ aims to give you an insight into what it is like to work at OE Cam.  The newest member to our team, Mariam Mirza, Business Psychologist Consultant, goes out and about to interview our Consultants in the field.  This week she grabs lunch with Paolo Moscuzza…


mariam mirza oecamGrabbing lunch with Paolo Moscuzza was the perfect time to catch up on some of the projects he is working on. Paolo is a Partner at OE Cam and leads the Leadership Development practice.

What is your global footprint like this week?

“So far I have been on the phone to Singapore, I have had three calls with the USA, preparing for a trip to Swindon and the rest of my time will be spent between London and Cambridge.”

What are people talking about?

Multi-generational Working

“In meetings with various connections, I have noticed that there is a real buzz around generational differences in the workplace and this has definitely struck a chord across a variety of different sectors. This week alone, three professional firms have been talking about the impact of having a multi-generational workforce and this has ranged from a reluctance to embrace the diversity to positively encouraging reverse mentoring. It is safe to say that understanding the developments and challenges that come with working with different generations is definitely a focus for many businesses.  This inspired me to write an article for The OE on multi-generational working about how organisations can put in place the right cultural conditions for multi-generational working to thrive”.

360-Degree Feedback

“So many people are talking about 360’s in a positive way. We have had a surge of interest in creating and delivering bespoke 360 reviews. Recently we spoke to one of our clients about using 360’s as a way of nudging behaviour in line with their values. Measuring these behaviours make it more than just laminated cards on the wall.

Measuring behaviour against values identifies strengths, gaps and how to fill those gaps. So much so, that benefits are recognised at every level and in different geographic locations”.

For more info on how organisations benefit from bespoke 360-degree reviews please don’t hesitate to get in touch at paolo.moscuzza@oecam.com


Travelling brings about new experiences, what is something that we might not know about you?

“This week I finally tried a Skinny White Mocha at a #Starbucks at London Liverpool Street station!   Now I get why some of my colleagues (Mariam) and clients are fond of it!”