How do you get the most out of diverse teams?

Toni Marshall, Senior Business Psychologist at OE Cam shares her three top tips around realising the benefits of diverse teams in this short video for Crafty Counsel.  It’s about trust, a shared vision and managing conflict…

“It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to work alongside Ben White at Crafty Counsel and produce this micro-learning video on the how to build diverse teams. Like OE Cam, Crafty Counsel understands the benefits of using quick, accessible learning materials as part of an individual’s development.


In this particular video the message is aimed at in-house legal counsel, to help build not only legal knowledge but also knowledge of working in complex, multi-disciplinary teams in multi-cultural businesses.  However the key messages remain relevant for anyone aiming to build greater diversity of thinking into their business.


Like many in-house experts, it can be difficult for legal professionals to break down knowledge silos and work in a unified way with others with differing styles, backgrounds, knowledge and focus.  Despite an initial uncomfortable period, shared knowledge and collaborative working in diverse teams can provide outstanding business impact”.


For further information about the challenges and opportunities of diverse teams, please contact or phone our Cambridge office on +44 (0)1223 269009.