Please join us at 11am on Tuesday 26th February 2019 for the first of two webinars addressing HOW you can begin exploring the possibilities of AI.

Microsoft’s research (“Maximising the AI Opportunity”) revealed that 41% of UK business leaders believe that their current business model will cease to exist within the next five years.  But as yet, many do not have an AI strategy in place.

“Organisations that are investing in establishing the right approach to AI now outperform those that don’t by 9%”

(Microsoft, November 2018, )

As discussed in our recent OE journal, the journey towards AI begins with leaders understanding the business problems that AI could solve and then evaluating the technologies that are right for their business.  ‘Design-thinking’ change management techniques can help with this and our first webinar will focus on how this approach works in practice.

Join our webinar to discover how to generate a roadmap for change to use whenever the future is unclear.


Our second webinar on Monday 1st April 2019 will focus on the new form of leadership required in an AI environment.

“Successful employers will invest in AI-enabled, blended learning and development programmes to keep their staff’s skills relevant… they will recognise the need for their people to develop new technical abilities alongside other skills required to thrive in tomorrow’s workplace, such as complex problem solving, analytical thinking, and creativity”

(Microsoft, November 2018, )

This webinar will discuss how to develop leaders with a continued ability to make effective decisions, who value exploratory thinking and role model a willingness to experiment. All whilst ensuring that they are able to influence and inspire effective followership in their colleagues.  More details to follow soon.