Management guru, Peter Drucker is reported to have once said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast“…

OE Cam will be having culture (and mindset) for breakfast on Tuesday 18th June at The Vinoly Room in London’s iconic Sky Garden.

A recent survey showed that 78% of executives believed that culture was one of their top three value drivers. However, the focus is often on describing what culture is but doesn’t address how you can change it. Is defining individual behaviours and company values enough, or is there more we should do?

We are delighted to have Dr. Quintin Heath, HR Director, AB Sugar as our guest speaker. Quintin has delivered change in multiple businesses, including different divisions of Associated British Foods, and after some success (and a few failures) took the plunge to research culture and change in more depth. He will share with us key lessons on how to harness the dynamics of culture.  For example, in addition to communicating new vision and values, culture change also comes from changing the work that people do. By contrast, the change can be slowed down if the work they do remains the same.

Is defining individual behaviours and company values enough, or is there more we should do?

It is increasingly important that culture supports agile ways of working. Culture should empower employees to take risks; to continuously learn and experiment to deliver better customer solutions. One of the fundamental enablers (or blockers) to cultural change is mindset. Our second speaker is Toni Marshall, one of OE Cam’s senior Business Psychologists. Toni will explain some of the psychological principles behind mindset and how to use these insights to influence change.  For more information on mindset, please download a copy of our latest OE journal: “Rewired: Evolving Mindsets“.

What are some of the psychological principles behind mindset? and how can leaders use these insights to influence change?

Over breakfast we will facilitate a peer group debate and conclude with a summary of key themes.

OE Cam events are invitation-only but if you are interested in attending, please email using the contact form below.  Please note that this event is aimed at senior HR, Talent and L&D Directors employed by organisations.


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