OE Cam’s next executive dinner-debate is on Thursday 22nd November on the theme of effective customer engagement in a multichannel world.

We are delighted that our guest speaker will be Martin Newman, NED of White Stuff and adviser to the boards of several international brands. Martin will lead the debate with his perspective on why going digital is an enabler for businesses to undertake a customer-centric transformation.

“I keep hearing the term digital transformation”. Maybe that’s the answer? No, it’s a misnomer. Digital is technology. It’s the conduit and enabler to delivering the appropriate customer experience. It’s not the starting point. It should really be called customer-centric transformation, as that would the set the agenda for leveraging technology to put the customer first.”

OE Cam will then facilitate a roundtable debate sharing lessons from our collective experience of disrupting businesses, challenging how they are organised and instigating culture change in order to fundamentally improve customer engagement.

In his new book, “100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience”, Martin encourages leaders to go back to basics to put the customer first; regularly walk through the customer’s journey and review how to remove friction from all channels and touchpoints.

“Amazon are beginning to own the customer. They are creating an ecosystem of value and such a compelling customer experience proposition that it is an increasingly hard decision for customers to go elsewhere… they don’t see themselves as retailers, more an ecosystem of convenience”.

Martin is the Founder and Chairman of Practicology, a multichannel consultancy. Prior to his advisory roles, Martin led multichannel operations for Burberry, Ted Baker and Harrods.

OE Cam events are invitation-only, but if you are interested in attending, please email helen.pybus@oecam.com