OE Cam is a member of SPACE Consulting Europe, a strategic alliance of leading European management consultancy firms. As well as working together on pan-european projects, we conduct and publish research on key issues facing business, in order to inform, advise and support leaders to maximise the performance of its people.

Our research report for 2016 forms the core of this edition of The OE Journal and focuses on the critical aspects of the “human factor in innovation”. It looks at the challenges and best practices within the whole value chain of innovation. Through the research, we focus on understanding the radical or ‘breakthrough’ innovation undertaken by established companies in order to continue to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.


A framework for innovation

Using the framework below, we explored how organisations transformed into more innovative, hence competitive, organisations. What practical steps had they taken in order to achieve the change towards a more innovative culture?

The role of people in innovative organisations

Unsurprisingly, as we explored the wealth of activity associated with organisational innovation, it became evident that we risked being too expansive and missing the critical insights about how people supported innovation performance for sustainable success.

Our research indicates that innovative organisations evolve through three key themes:

•  Teams – the heart of innovation
•  Leadership – the innovation maker or breaker
•  Culture – the innovation enabler

Innovative organisations have a fundamentally different mind-set to growth. They ‘let-go’ of the old habits and  understand that you don’t wait for failure to innovate.  Our research shows that many businesses  already possess the necessary human DNA for innovation, but need to work on releasing its potential.

With this in mind we highlight some successful transformation processes within the report. For example, it is well known that leaders are the catalyst for innovation, but what are the six fundamental building blocks that leaders must get right for innovation projects to succeed?  And would your organisation benefit from an Innovation Architect?  Who are they?  How do they remove blockers to innovation?

OE Cam has scheduled a series of webinars to illustrate these key themes. Our events will include detailed case studies and practical guidance on how organisations modify their very DNA to achieve greater success in innovation projects.

All webinar attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the full research report.