OE Editorial - human dna in innovation
OE Editorial


Welcome to this edition of The OE Editorial.

OE Cam conducts ongoing research into the links between sustainable business performance and maximising individual, team and organisation effectiveness. We do this through our links with Cambridge University, and as part of Space Consulting, our strategic alliance with seven other management consultancies across Europe.

Our most recently published pan-European research is entitled ‘Human DNA in Innovation’. In this edition of the journal we share with you some of the key findings.

“Human DNA in Innovation” is about people. If we can understand the roles that leaders, teams and culture play in the innovation process then we can proactively improve the effectiveness of innovation programmes. The research reinforces the importance of putting together the right teams – building collective intelligence by identifying the right profiles, recruiting the best talent, celebrating diversity and developing a mindset for growth to reimagine new ways of doing business.

We hope you find our journal useful and as ever welcome your feedback.

Download the New OE Cam journal ‘Human DNA in Innovation’. Can you modify organisational DNA to become more innovative?

Martyn Sakol