OE Cam is delighted to welcome Eleanor Sims to the OE Cam team.  Ellie is our new Business Psychologist Project Co-ordinator with responsibility for organising client projects on a day-to-day basis. She is an MSc Organisation Psychology and BSc Psychology graduate, and is trained in psychometric level A and B. Before joining OE Cam Ellie worked within Higher Education, the NHS, Charities and the private medical sector. Her background is diverse ranging from counselling through to financial accounting.

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Former Project Co-ordinator, Toni Marshall has been promoted to Business Psychologist Consultant in our Talent Management practice. Toni is an MSc Occupational Psychologist who focuses on assessment and selection, leadership development and maximising collaboration within teams and across organisational functions. As an active member of the British Psychological Society, she is particularly passionate about ensuring current research is used within organisational interventions and brings a fresh perspective to OE Cam design.

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