Paolo Moscuzza talks to the HR Director magazine about Disruptive Talent and how it can help businesses to innovate, open up new markets and boost profitability:


When identifying ‘disruptive talent’, an individual’s past performance and track record might reveal some potential to be ‘disruptive talent’. However, in-depth personality assessments and deep dive psychological assessments will uncover more about what motivates each applicant and accurately predict future behaviour.

OE Cam’s own research has found key indicators commonplace amongst successful disruptive talent, so identifying these in potential leaders helps make choosing the right people easier.  It is for this reason that we have tailored our assessment approach to single out exactly that type of talent.

Once the ‘disruptive talent’ has been identified we work through a series of steps to create the conditions for success.  This covers a range of areas, from getting the right team behind the ‘disruptive talent’ to developing an effective governance model.

The motivations for trying to find ‘disruptive talent’ and then implementing a ‘disruptive talent’ programme can differ.  Some organisations wait until they have to change because their business is being decimated by competitors and others proactively want to boost profitability.  Either way, identifying, focussing and supporting ‘disruptive talent’ is increasingly proving to be a powerful way to grow a business.

These are excerpts from an article published by the HR Director on 16 September 2015.  To read the full article, please visit:

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